Oct 28, 2014

Still home educating...but travelling too

Hello dearest reader...

This poor blog has been very much left to its own devices for - wow - a long time! These days the Mansted Family Project is in overseas travelling mode. You can see what we are up to at our new blog Hungry Heads which is all about our educational family travel. Home school with wings really.

I put together Hungry Heads for the same reason Mansted Family Project came about: to satisfy other people's curiousity about what we get up to. So Hungry Heads is about gifted kids travelling and using the wonderful wide world as a classroom and play space. Come and check us out!

Naturally we are now on twitter and instagram and even facebook.

Come on the journey with us!

PS Our eldest daughter Imogen is putting together her own writing blog as a collection point for her musings over the last few years. Come and have a look...

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