Jun 14, 2011

Have your cake and dress-up too - birthday party photo essay

It isn't all organic vegetables and fractions around here. Sometimes we get serious with buttercream and a visit to the lolly shop!

Birthday parties are a highlight of a child's life...or can be when all goes well! Here are our selection of the best over the years where the party theme happily collides with a well decorated cake, the kids dress-up and willingly participate in the themed games and the parents actually survive the day without a tantrum (not to mention the children's meltdowns).

Here follows in no particular order a photo essay of:

Christmas in July party

Can't forget the white on white actual 
Christmas cake (in December)

Cowgirl party
featuring only 2 Jessies from Toy Story 2, which must be a record...complete with gingham table cloths, a tractor and hay ride, individual animal cupcakes for the kids, apple swinging race, and "pin the face on the cowgirl" game.

Fairy Party
with an open dress-up code to cater to all the creative urges of the attendees.

 Garden Tea Party
Lots of fun on a luckily sunny day in the garden.

Harry Potter Party
What else would a book-crazy 6 year old want?

Pirate Party
Well, she was 3 and loved waving that dagger...note the licorice eye patches on the kids cupcakes.


Tropical pool party
This is hard to make work when it has been raining for weeks, but with lots of other parent helpers we did inside tug of war, and dressing up relay races. Luckily the rain stopped for the pinata and yes, the kids did go in for a swim. Brrrr.

Creepy Crawly Spooky Party
A little bit Halloween meets entymology, with some gratuitous mummy wrapping.

Can't end without a look at 
Sully from Monsters Inc. 
Love that green icing! 

With a bit of luck, at the end of the day, when the last sticky guest has departed with goody bag in hand, there will be at least a piece of cake and a clean plate. Phew.

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