Apr 12, 2012

Feeling weedy?

This is not going to be a "pretty" post...other than this first photo anyway. 

After months of rain and pressing my nose to the window wishing for Autumn sunshine, it became emotionally difficult even to don my leaky gumboots and squelch out to the vegetable garden. 

Weeds took over the paths once again, filled with burr-filled weed Cobbler's Peg (also known as the ironically named "Farmers' Friend"). Occasionally we would push our way through to harvest blackberries, pull carrots, find the random last potato, but boy was it sad down there.

I love to garden: I like the person I am when I am gardening - busy head full of plans of seasons and soil treatments, menu ideas prompting seed purchases, hands dirty and muscles aching happily.

I do not like to garden in the rain. I also know it is bad for wet clay soils to be dug or walked on, so there is a good "excuse" for taking outside time on our long driveway or around the house...and yet...

I feel guilty and lazy when I am not gardening : (

Sun at last
When the rain finally stopped 5 days ago, Mike and I were ready. We pulled weeds higher than he was (that is VERY tall), brought the chickens in to free range and turn soil over (while the girls dug to find weeds and grasshoppers to feed the chookies). Our huge grassed area was mown by the grass hero (Mike), edges whippersnipped, even the small tractor was un-bogged from the rainforest (it really has been wet - did I mention that?).

Things are looking up.
This is a work in progress, so another 3 days in the garden will have it all picture perfect if the weather holds. 

Feeling weedy?
But it got me thinking about other things and how weeds in your garden are a good metaphor for the way I feel at the moment. 

For example, I am still sorting through gut health and sorting supplements for the family - and when I go looking for information it is all very, well, weedy. Overwhelming useless stuff crowding out the good stuff. 

We have started planning a trip to Europe. More overcrowding of information. World wide weeds?

As usual, the solution is get your hands dirty
So, I am going to try and use my garden skills in the rest of the chaotic bits. Get some plans on paper, discuss ideas with Mike and only THEN research. Have the bed READY for seedlings before you buy them. Tackle one area at a time. Do it properly and beat the weedy blues.

Hope the sun is shining on you and your garden wherever you are right now.


Jill said...

Oooh iI am excited to read about the trip to Europe. Do tell! And I can sympathise with the lack of info amongst the glut of rubbish. The thorntree forum and bootsnall forum are pretty good for getting a straight answer to a specific question.

Tracey Mansted said...

Ahh, Jill, don't get me talking about Europe - I won't be able to stop!
We are planning to go in a year or so for a year or so, but the planning has only just begun...reading other families stories, ordering maps and train guides, scaling up French lessons and trying to remember my rusty German.
Shall blog about it very soon as I'd really appreciate ideas from you all!
Thanks for the forum tips!

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