Mar 4, 2012

Our little Nipper

We are very proud parents this week. And not for the usual reason - the finishing of a mammoth book, a solo singing spot, a great session of independent learning, a fabulous chapter completed of Caesar's English, a terrific drama performance...

This week we are glowing with pride over s-p-o-r-t.

Yes! Truly! On a gifted kids education blog, we are grinning over winning a place in the State Titles for Nippers (Junior Surf Life Saving Club). Our self-proclaimed geek girl November was invited to compete as she had run and waded her way into the top four girls in her age group in our local club, Byron Bay Junior Surf Lifesaving Club.

This is the kid who ran her first race at 4.5 at school - and was so proud of herself coming in 7th. 

As a tall, rather gangly kid, it has been amazing this summer to see her go from the very back of the pack to that first four. 

And her parents had nothing to do with it.

While we run around with other parents helping out with the Under 7s (picture 35 kids waist deep in the ocean with two wonderful age managers - herding swimming cats comes to mind), Mike and I have not been able to give November all of the sand-side support she is entitled to. Unbeknown to us, she has become a truly sporty girl and this invitation to the State Titles took us totally by surprise.

No, our club didn't win the competition - which was fine. Frankly, some of those other under 8s were incredible. Think Russian gymnasts in swimmers with a Nipper hat and you get the idea. Man, are they motivated! Once a week training is fine around here, because after all, we do get to live in paradise : ) well, when it stops raining!

All around, it has been an excellent week. Very pleased to share it with you, too.

How about your kids? Any other sneaky sporting stars out there? I do know some super fast gifted fish in Brisbane - hi Catherine!

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