Feb 10, 2012

Meet our Hungry Heads!

As the 2012 education year starts to settle into a rhythm, I thought I'd follow Kylie's great example of the Australian "Not Back To School" blog hop homeschool link-up. 

Our Worldwide Classroom

First step? 

Meet our girls

November is our eldest daughter
  • independent, loquacious, opinionated, passionate
  • romantic - giggles and sighs about "true love's kiss" from "Enchanted"
  • 8 and a bit years old (very tall - 95th percentile for height)
  • talking from 7 months, and hasn't stopped since
  • voracious reader (known to bump into posts while walking and reading down the main street)
  • current favourite books are Garth Nix "Trouble Twisters" and the Harry Potter series
  • favourite movie "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" ("Ever After" a close runner up)
  • can't decide between medicine or being a rock star or actress 
  • profoundly gifted
  • early entry school starter, who lasted 1.5 years at the local school, and loves to advocate about the benefits of homeschool to e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e
  • favourite piece of curriculum is Caesar's English 1 from Michael Clay Thompson 
  • when the most upset, plays the piano loudly
  • when happy, plays the piano loudly
  • can't find her? Either in the bush on a nature walk with her sketchbook, or reading in the hammock
  • has been described as the "Martha Stewart of etiquette and compliments" - she is very socially aware and likes everyone happy...except her sibling at times : )
  • always in for a cuddle.

July is our youngest daughter

  • independent, loquacious, opinionated, self-assured (hmm...there is a trend there)
  • pragmatic and practical -  and impossible to discipline as her standards are already above mine hehe
  • 6 and a half years old (very tall - 95th percentile for height)
  • talking from 9 months, and unlike her big sister, went straight into more complex sentences - oh, and she also hasn't stopped since (it is LOUD around here!)
  • passionate reader (who must select her own books...or else)
  • current favourite books are Roald Dahl "Matilda" and the Spiderwick Chronicles series - these are a little too scary for her big sister, but July is generally fearless
  • favourite movies "Lord of the Rings" ("Horton hears a Who" a close runner up) - see, I said she was fearless. We fast-forwarded through the fighting to cries of "I want to see that!" LOL
  • profoundly gifted
  • has always spoken up to bullies - whether a kid in a playground or a teacher in a classroom (lasted one term at school)
  • favourite education activity is the daily 15 minutes journaling 
  • when the most upset, retires to her room with bears, lots and lots of bears
  • may look like a cross between Cindy Brady and Cindy-Lou in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas but has the determination and internal fortitude of Matilda
  • is excruciatingly funny (sometimes unintentionally - had mixed up salami with tsunami yesterday...had no idea what that meat thing was hehe)
  • can't find her? Will be somewhere creating craft...lots and lots of craft
  • needs lots of tickles, even at bedtime - and loves a cuddle too.


Kylie said...

Lovely to meet your girls. Thanks for joining in with the hop too :-)

April said...

Lovely to "officially" meet your girls! I'd often wondered if they were profoundly gifted... Mine are exceptionally and I can definitely see the difference. Thanks for sharing :)

Tracey Mansted said...

Thanks Kylie!

Tracey Mansted said...

Hi April

Ooh - I debated whether to mention it...but it is relevant and throws some light on what we are all doing and why : )

Thanks April for sharing too, so generously : )

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you mentioned it because I sensed in past posts that your girls were of a different level to my kids. Although it has been 9 months since the "g" word was first mentioned I still find it all a bit daunting. I'm just average and my kids amaze me daily with what they can do...It's all so interesting and frustrating at the same time. Thanks for blogging because I enjoy seeing how things work in your family :)

Tracey Mansted said...

Well, you are pretty chilled : ) for 9 months in!
Our first year or two of the "g" thing was often sleepless! Much more relaxed these days though...

Butterfly said...

I agree that it does help others, identifying the level of giftedness. I'm glad to understand more about where you're coming from and what you're doing (even though I only know you in blogland).

I have held back on assessment for my son 7.5, as I felt he was underachieving and would be best to wait until he caught up to himself, so to speak, and we have always homeschooled so accommodate his asynchrony quite well. Now I suspect motor dysgraphia, and perhaps HG, and have started the ball rolling to have him assessed. Scary step, formalising these things!

In all likelihood my daughter, 6.5, is also on the G spectrum, though overexcitabilities and sensitivities have at times looked more like the A spectrum ... evening out now though and blossoming nicely.

Tracey Mansted said...

Thanks Butterfly, it is great to have feedback on the level side of G things.

I think the IQ assessments were excellent for us - though it was huge to organise it and then to try to stay calm while awaiting the reports. The more information, the better - especially about overexcitabilities.

Life changing re-framing of your child, and indeed yourself (and to think that I thought I was the only person who cut out tags, and hated to wear synthetic fabrics...I really did!)

Pleased to read that blossoming is underway! YAY!

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