Nov 5, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thanks to April over at Educating April I have been given a "Stylish Blogger Award"! This is very exciting as is the first blog-thingy like that I have ever had! Cheers, April : )

Apparently I now get to award it onwards (see below and then go check them out) and also share 7 things about myself. This is starting to get a little odd isn't it...

Here goes...

  1. As a child in a family full of teachers (about 90%) I said I would NEVER teach. Haha.
  2. I also said I would NEVER homeschool...cue the wonderful Amber at Adventures of a Rainbow Mama who as well as being an online web-star is also a real-life very dear friend who several years ago said "Have you thought about homeschooling the girls? It would be good." She was right.
  3. I married a man who said he would NEVER get married.
  4. I parent my lovely girls with a man, my husband, who said he would NEVER have children.
  5. I said I would NEVER take thyroid replacement hormone. It took 15 years and way too many kilos followed by fertility issues to realise a replacement hormone is better than minuscule amounts of natural hormone and no babies. Now I take T3 and T4 and don't eat gluten : ) - this helps.
  6. I now understand what that saying "NEVER say NEVER" actually means. 
  7. Rather than cutting off choices before getting to the decision points (I guess that is prejudice isn't it), I really am trying to be flexible, adaptive, creative, and above all self-loving. Thanks for being part of the Project!
Hugs, cyber readers!

Consider the baton now passed to:
Amber at Adventures of a Rainbow Mama
Ingi at Defying Gravity

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