Aug 21, 2011

Gyuto Monks revisited

The Gyuto Monks of Tibet were back in our area this week, preparing for the 8 metre high World Peace Stupa (a sacred Buddhist monument) to be built in the grounds of Crystal Castle

This group of 6 monks, led by Gen Lama, are on a year long visit in Australia and recently performed for the Dalai Lama on his Australian tour.

Our family really love spending time with these men - calm, funny, gentle, spiritual, creative and incredible Tibetan throat singers and musicians. 

All week we all sat for the morning meditations (or some days just chilled with teddy bears like July), then rolled mantras, painted tsa tsas (plaster Buddha statues made earlier by the community with the monks), did peace weaving, and watched as the central part of the stupa - the Tree of Life - was painted and then wrapped.

So what does this week mean to me? 
Time to be calmly with the family, a chance to meditate, to deeply experience the rich colours and textures and sounds of Tibetan buddhism, to practice living in the moment, and to being in the moment with such lovely smiling entities - the monks. 

It is a week of pauses.

Even without a shared language there is such a strong connection between them and us, and how extraordinary to experience this connection in our usual text heavy, communication dense, busy high tech life.


Thanks Maureen, Sonam, and Gyuto House Australia. It has been another wonderful week : )
All our best wishes to you Gen Lama - get well soon.

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