Jul 31, 2011

T'shirt shopping bags

 Have any t'shirts your little darlings have outgrown but you can't bear to part with?

As part of our ongoing "Living greener" project, I realised that I could reduce those paper produce bags (let alone hideous plastic bags) we use at the vegetable shop and farmer's market by making our own reusable washable fabric bags.

But seriously, when do I have the time to make them from scratch? Also there were all those gorgeous outgrown kids shirts that I couldn't quite pass on. Hmmm - then I saw the kids' Sewing School book and blog and voila! T'shirt bags!

Naturally I chose a rushing off to the Farmers' Market morning to try making these....

July and November trimmed off inside the shoulder seams of the sleeves to make the handles. They pinned the bottom seams together, chose a decorative stitch and helped me sew along the pinned line with the sewing machine. Then 15 minutes later we jumped in the car for Mullumbimby's Farmers' Market.

Bit of homeschool list writing practice for July, and the newly made bags were stacked with baklava, organic Stanthorpe apples, sourdough cornette rolls, and chocolate brioche.

Of course, us parents still had to lug the big and not so beautiful pumpkins, zucchinis, shallots etc.

Hmmm - better make big beautiful market bags for Mike and I now! If only I can manage that sometime other than just before next market trip ; )


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