Jul 11, 2011

The joys of school holidays!

Ahh - gotta love a break in routine.

When we first started home schooling, Mike and I thought we would just educate right through the "official" holidays because (back in the bad old days when the girls went to bricks-and-mortar school) we had always continued "after schooling" through the holidays. In those under-stimulated days, the girls were desperate for some serious learning, so holidays were filled with classes, travel, online learning, loads of books...

Get real - take a break
Now that we are in charge of their education, us homeschool parents need the break in routine. We celebrate the end of term as a family. It is looked forward to as a chance to sleep in, play even more games, catch up on the home duties that slip by, re-think priorities in education for the coming term and year.

Not that there is any lazing around as the girls do holiday drama workshops and performances, participate in circus shows, catch up with buddies, do the occasional "vacation care" day like other school kids, and have day-long play dates...

Spend time with your beloved
Mike and I get to play...well, except we are so busy dropping the girls off here and there, that "playing" ends up being a lovely lunch out together where in between beer, knitting, magazine reading, and eating great food we actually talk to each other! without interruption. Wow.

Small moments, but all the more special for being so rare.

Celebrate the season
It is mid-winter (Northern NSW, Australia) and we have had heavy frosts that vanish by breakfast, followed by warm sunny blue sky days where we loll around on chairs in full sunlight eating long morning teas and lunches with dear friends.

The last of the roses give way to the magnolias leaf-naked in full bloom.

The vegetable garden is filling with potatoes, snow-peas, mulched asparagus, transplanted strawberries. The rainforest seems to pause in its usual verdant march into our garden clearing and the parrots are replaced by butcher birds, bower birds, ravens, tiny wrens, and magpies.

By 3pm the sun is gone from our patch, dusk drops cold and still and its time to close the garden gate and retreat inside to the fire and to answer that perennial question "What's for dinner?"

Do you break or not? How do you re-charge and look after yourself as a homeschool parent?

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