May 7, 2011

Making oatmeal porridge with Dad

A post just in time for Mother's Day :)

If you think porridge resembles tasteless sludge, is a paste you mix and heat in the microwave, or should be eaten with salt, this is for you! It is a great wheat-free, corn-free breakfast that you can vary with toppings to suit every taste in your family. It takes time to cook - and that is a good thing as it is a breakfast that almost makes itself while all the other morning things can get done. Just keep checking the pan to make sure it isn't sticking. We use a simmer mat and the gas on the lowest setting for the last cooking stage.

We have grown our own oats twice, but only for chicken food and living mulch (also known as green manure). It is so cheap to buy at the supermarket or health food store it isn't worth growing as a home crop but was still so beautiful to see it with its heavy dipping heads on slender stalks...

Last year aged 5 our daughter July put together her own procedure for cooking this - her favourite food at the time...

Making porridge with Dad
You will need:
• 2 and a half cups of rolled oats (not the instant kind, but actual wholegrain rolled oats - cheap, unprocessed and costing around $1 a kilo)
• 750 ml of milk 
• 750 ml of water
• saucepan 
• wooden spoon 
• bowls and spoons

For putting on top: 
• slivered almonds • brown sugar • milk • fresh apple • dried fruit like apricots, pears or dates

Step 1.
Put all of the rolled oats in the saucepan.

Step 2.
Tip the milk and water into the saucepan.

Step 3.
Get your Dad to turn the stove on. Then you get to stir the porridge. Keep stirring until it bubbles. Turn down to a simmer (that is when it bubbles and plops slowly in the pan) and cook for 20 minutes.

Remember to stir it. Check it to make sure there aren't any chewy bits...if so cook for a bit longer.

Step 4.
Get your yummy toppings ready.

Step 5.
Get Dad to pour the porridge in to the bowls with a ladel. Add your toppings.

Step 6.
Add cold milk.

Step 7.
Enjoy your breakfast!

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