Apr 15, 2011

Raw milky goodness

We love milk around here in its multitude of forms - home-made yoghurt, home-made ice-cream, home-made butter, home-poured cafe lattes, cappuccino, Milo and milks, fruit smoothies (you get the idea) and just straight glasses of milky goodness (knocked back by our girls like heroes in a 1950 gunslinger movie).

From Soy sludge to the "Real Thing"
When pregnant, I heard about A2 dairy milk (see links below) and its differing protein chain to the conventional A1 dairy milk. We tried it and for the first time in 10 years Mike was able to stop drinking packaged soy "milk=goob" and start drinking the real thing...and without nasty consequences. As my belly grew bigger I noticed the A1 milk days were my squelchy gut days and the A2 milk were my good gut days and so we continued buying A2 milk from the local supermarket. Health claims for A2 over A1 are impressive - lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, autism etc.

From processed factory milk to fresh farm-gate milk
Eight years later we have moooooved to raw milk. Yep - un-pasteurised, un-homogenised, untouched by a plastic bottle and the only freight involved is travelling in our car the short trip from dairy to home. It makes environmental sense for us as a family and the best thing is the herd is A2 anyway. At about one third the price of packaged plastic milk (have you noticed supermarket milk smells of chlorine?) it has been a financial blessing too. Oh, by the way, it is the best milk I have ever tasted!

Visiting the dairy once a week we get to meet new arrivals and tickle lovely young poddy calves.

If we arrive at milking time we see the cows being milked - and look for the squirt of milk as it travels along the refrigerated hose and into the vat ready for scooping and pouring into our jars. Talk about fresh food!  We use glass Vacola preserving jars to transport and store the milk in the fridge. We skim off the cream (once it floats to the top) on about Day 2 or 3.

I even managed to find a glass jug that has a spout at the base so I can have super self-separating skim milk (yes, I know it isn't healthier than full fat) in my T2 Madagascar Vanilla Tea...mmm heaven.

A2 health benefits - from ABC Radio National's Health Report

Health Benefits of Whole Milk - audio file from the ABC

FAQs on Raw Milk - from an opinionated American site

Wonderful T2 teas and lovely tea paraphernalia

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